Keeping Spineworld Alive through Comics

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Keeping Spineworld Alive through Comics

Postby KoolJake321 » Tue May 15, 2018 4:12 am

Hey anybody who’s reading this...
I’ve been with you people since the beginning, since the first days the beautifully imaginative, steampunkish MMO called Spineworld closed down to become something horrible.
Since probably 7th grade I was there fighting to get SW back. Though I wasn’t able to do pixel art, coding or what not, I tried my best to get the word out about the people working hard on getting it back. Now im leaving high school, and Spineworld still is very important to me, strangely enough.
But after all of that, I believe that the spineworld GAME is dead, and probably will never return, and most of the people that once cared seemed to have given up, but I think there are other ways of keeping the IDEA of spineworld alive...
Ever since 2014 I’ve written loads of short stories and comics about original concepts and concepts based off of games I’ve played such as spineworld. By 2015 I began worldbuilding, and creating whole universes for my characters and stories, eventually leading to me attempting to world build Spineworld by connecting all the tiny pieces of lore they tried to give us. I created an expansive backstory for SW, and out of that, comics and art arose.
Now Im preparing to go on making comics which will feature aspects and themes that come straight from spineworld. Ill get on them this summer, and will probably be posting them on is an early prototype-
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I believe that we should focus on keeping the Idea of Spineworld alive through art like comics, stories, or music. The game is outdated now, and we should move on.

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Re: Keeping Spineworld Alive through Comics

Postby Whistler » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:51 pm

Wow. I love this so much!!!!!!!

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