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Codes of Conduct
Spineworld is designed to be comfortable and friendly places so we ask you to please respect the codes of conduct stated below.

We encourage freedom of speech but there is a big difference between discussing a topic and promoting your views in an offensive or disruptive way. This is NOT to restrict your rights to free speech but to create a pleasant environment for everyone. All rules and codes of conduct have been developed by users of chat rooms globally over time and represent the way we want the Playdo environment to be. This is a short version of the rules in Spineworld. To read the complete rules, click here.

Remember that being a member of Spineworld means that you meet people from all over the world so be a good global citizen. So you should not:

  • Use bad and offensive language (names, words, Urls)
  • Engage in any kind of sexual activity (cybering, webcam sessions, cyber-rape)
  • Spam or flood the chats with repeated statements or messages
  • USE CAPS EXCESSIVELY - it means you are shouting
  • Any activity to disturb other user's online experience (hacking, trying to disconnect someone)
  • Abuse the report tools
  • Intimidating, harassing, threatening, embarrassing or distressing another user
  • Giving out or trying to get information that can be used to locate another user
  • Racism, discrimination, hate crimes, excessive nationalism and intolerance
  • Use any kind of software to interfere in any activity in Spineworld
  • Promote try to fool another user into any illegal activities (drugs, violence, crimes)
  • Selling or trading accounts, furniture or other elements in Spineworld
  • Any kind of fraud (ex. pretend that you're someone else)
  • Don't give out your own password or ask for another users password

Members that don't follow these codes of conduct can be kicked (means that you are bumped out of the chat by a moderator, equal to a warning), suspended (means that you are temporarily suspended from logging in) or banned (permanent exclusion from the service).

These rules are enforced by chat members called Moderators who may warn or send users to detention for unacceptable behavior. Moderators are not allowed to give information about new features or insiders from Playdo. They are online to help you with abusive users and technical problems.

We reserve the right to log and store all chat dialogues for use in crime prevention or crime investigations. Official events inside in Spineworld will be advertised by newsletter and in the News section only.